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The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway

Bog: "The complete short stories of Ernest Hemingway" af Ernest Hemingway

God rest you merry, gentlemen ; The sea change ; A way you'll never be ; The mother of a queen ; One reader writes ; Homage to Switzerland ; A day's wait ; A natural history of the dead ; Wine of Wyoming ; The gambler, the nun, and the radio ; Fathers and sons) ; Part II, Short stories published in books or magazines subsequent to "The first forty-nine" (One trip across ; The tradesman's return ; The denunciation ; The Butterfly and the tank ; Night before battle ; Under the ridge ; Nobody ever dies ; The good lion ; The faithfull bull ; Get a seeing-eyed dog ; A man of the world ; Summer people ; The last good country ; An African story) ; Part III, Previously unpublished fiction (A train trip ; The porter ; Black ass at the cross roads ; Landscape with figures ; I guess everything reminds you of something ; Great news from the mainland ; The strange country)

Ernest Hemingway
New York : Simon & Schuster
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