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Blogindlæg: NAPOLEONIC

Napoleonic My thunderous words, already lining upready to march out, to do havocsoldierlike and under command

Blogindlæg: Fra min bog "Knees Bent" (AuthorHouse, 2011): "An Armani-Croc for Dinner"

An Armani-Croc for Dinner A Croc for dinner?!!Death rollings and grinding jaws?Besides, is he mine to eat or am I his?

Blogindlæg: Den evige skygge, Karen Blixens sekretær Clara Selborn. Ezine-artikel,bragt i "A World of Weird Truths and Truthful Weirdnesses"

Clara Selborn (born Svendsen) was the secretary of the famous Danish writer Karen Blixen (pen name Isak Dinesen) who e.g.

Blogindlæg: "Giraffe, Giraffe ...." fra min bog "A World of Weird Truths og Truthful Weirdnesses" (2011)

Once there was a giraffe, Oliver, who had a very short neck. Now, with giraffes there is a rule that they look alike, but this one looked very different from the others.

Blogindlæg: "Listing My Life" fra "A World of Weird Truths and Truthtful Weirdnesses"

Listing My Life Listing my life making an inventory that's the way to perfection no disorderliness

Blogindlæg: Digt fra min "A World of Weird Truths and Truthful Weirdnesses"

Ophelia I'm Ophelia allow me to drown in water one's heart floats so well lovely to get it washed