Fra min bog "Love They Said" (AuthorHouse, 2011): "The Passion of Lady Chatterley"

Oprettet: 29.01.2012 - 20:20

The Passion of Lady Chatterley
The lady Janes of this world go a'hunting
when the Chatterley-woman speaks out
passions as festival games make rock hard meetings
beloved by Mellors the velvety dripstone caves blossom

No more Mellors, you say, the gamekeeper died?
The game started by the keeper of love lives on
ghostly it pops up, scaring those who should adore
Nature's masterpiece in functionality and eloquence
And Constance? The keeper of the Jane above them all?
Oh, she lives, talking with many mouths, but do they listen?
Languages change, one million words in English now
Living in Babel confuses Lady Jane, some words escapes her

© Else Cederborg